These online lessons are an absolute must for the budding singer or singing teacher, especially If you have limited or no piano skills.

         What makes these lessons unique is that the lessons are ‘Live’ over the internet via Zoom or Skype, meaning that you don't have to travel away from home to be able to learn to play. You will have total access to the teacher who is demonstrating the content before your eyes; therefore if you don't grasp a technique the first time, no problem, the teacher is there with you to guide you through. This is all presented on an online platform and of course this means you can be anywhere at all in the world, providing you have a good internet connection.

         As an experienced piano and singing teacher myself ‘live learning’ literally slashes the adaptive concept in half, meaning that straight away you will be ‘playing the piano’ not studying theory or fumbling through a book, This course is about playing, and playing straight away is what you will do!

        Each lessons worksheets will be emailed to you before the live session for you to print or view on the day. You will also need a keyborad or piano to practice on, a laptop, tablet or smart phone to be able to use the online platform for the live lessons.


£25 Per hour. Sheet music included.


To book or for more information email us here


Online Singing Lessons

      As a qualified vocal coach teaching science based and backed techniques I can absolutely help you become a better singer. These hour lessons will cover and determine a better path for you to improve your voice. Breathing, Breath Support, Posture, Tone Healing, Projection, Pitch Control, Vowel Formants, Audition Technique and confidence building.


£25 per hour. To book or for more info email here


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